03/07/2005 – RTC-3057 restructuring – shaviro

The RTC-3057 project is currently undergoing some restructuring. We are experiencing some team problems at the moment, and are short on dedicated workers. For this project to continue, it's imperative that we recruit new, focused and determined level designers. Should you be interested in joining Team Future and willing to shift focus to the project, use our forum to present yourself. Should you use email, remember to include "[RTC-3057]" in the topic. We will keep you posted on the future of the project.


09/09/2004 – Post Hub1 - Hub2 Progress report – shaviro

The release of Hub1 was a lot smoother than we had anticipated. There were some things in there that differed a lot from regular Doom and even the demolevel of RTC. We are extremely pleased with how Hub1 turned out, and it was a huge pat on the back that the doomers liked it as well. Hub1 had more than 1000 downloads and generated interest beyond the doom community.

Team Future has gotten a new member! Fanatic will be doing music and, hopefully, levels. There were several other people who wanted to join, but we won't be taking any more in for a while. We would like to keep the "active development team" as small as possible.

Work on Hub2 is progressing slow and steady. Everything is still in the "sketch" phase where we decide where to go with the project. The general storyline and string of events are set, but still being worked on and fleshed out. The levels are still very sketchy and we have a lot to plan before going into an active development state. We expect progress to speed up relatively soon.


07/27/2004 – RTC-3057: Blue, Hub1 released – shaviro

It feels really good to finally be writing this news post. For so long we have been at work on hub1 and rtc alltogether. Now, 1˝ years after the demo release, we bring you the first hub of RTC-3057: Blue. It features 7 levels of top-notch zdoom quality. You are a cyborg, created against your will. You find yourself on a spaceship filled with foes. What happened? Who are you? How can you escape?

RTC-3057: Blue, hub1 is a mod for Doom2 using the powerful port of Zdoom. The hub consists of 7 levels and takes place on The Enforcer - a flagship of the Federal Commonwealth of Earth. Fight your way through haunted halls and frightening surroundings to make it out alive.

I would like to thank all the Team Futurists who pitched in and helped getting this done, as well as anyone else who helped. I am really amazed at how well the beta testers have done their job, playing through the hub countless of times, looking for bugs as small as misalignment on an 8units wide texture. A special thanks go out to dsm, Julian, boris, Manc, Nick and geX (local architecture genius) who did a really great job and have put many hours into this hub.

Important play information:

You will need the latest version (at least 63a) of Zdoom to play RTC-3057: Blue hub1.
Get it here!

Any resolutions below 640x480 ARE not recommended! The text will screw up!
Do not stretch hudmessages! It also screws up the text!

The log and query systems require special keys, defined in keyconf.


Select/Deselect Logs: L
Next Log: K
Scroll Up: O
Scroll Down: P


Select Option: L
One up: O
One Down: P

You should also be able to view this by pressing F1 or accessing the controls section in the options menu.

The links:

RTC-3057: Blue hub1:
Download site #1

Demo Walkthrough of hub1 by AirRaid:

Now have fun and give us lots of feedback! :)

07/26/2004 – RTC-3057: Blue hub1 is done! – shaviro

After countless hours of hard work, the first hub of RTC-3057 is complete. We are very pleased with how it has turned out, and hope you will be too. The hub consists of 7 levels and takes place on the Federal Commonwealth of Earth's flagship, "The Enforcer". It is a mod for Doom2 using the powerful port of Zdoom. Sit tight as we unleash 17 thousand sectors on you in a short while!

This week!

Some impressions from testers:

The believable and highly detailed environment together with quality sounds makes this wad incredibly immersive. And for once, it's a wad where you actually fear the individual monster rather than the masses of monsters - just like in the first Doom game.

Get your pistol, ready your gear and prepare to enter the depths of the haunted hallways.

The combination of awesome level design, impressive scripting, and brilliant music make RTC-3057 Hub 1 the most incredibly atmospheric wad I've ever played. It's very well put together and Keeps you on your toes the whole way through. If Doom 3 is this good, I'll be happy.

This is Doom like never before. Be prepared for an immersive world of thought and action with a little suspense around every corner.

RTC-3057 is a truly unique experience. It takes Doom to a higher level and it will blow you away.

04/30/2004 – Progress report – shaviro

Yesterday I was presented with 14 new songs created by Julian. I was quite surprised by the amount of work he has put into it. They all passed the RTC test, but not all will be used in hub1. The demo sported several small ambient songs and that level will preserved, however the other levels will not have music as ambient as that. You will experience a natural increase of intensity in the music, from really ambient to action filled. I have yet to insert and implement the music in hub1, but it should be easy, with only few obstacles.

The estimated file size of hub1 is 60megs uncompressed and 45megs compressed. Yes it's a big download for a Doom mod, but it's worth it! RTC-3057 will be a unique experience.

With one of the very last hurdles out of the way, maybe the wad can be released soon.

04/16/2004 – Update – shaviro

For the first time in two years, RTC-3057 has a decent page. You might remember the design as it's the same as last, but with a few changes.


04/01/2004 – Progress update – shaviro

RTC-3057 hub1 is closer than ever. Julian has begun composing the music and this is indeed the last “real” content creation. We have squashed the last bugs and polished the last hallways. Whenever the music has been implemented, we will test the wad thoroughly once again and fix whatever bugs there may be.

The final player speed is 60%. After trying out a number of percentages, we have found that 60% is perfect for RTC-3057’s gameplay and atmosphere.

Release date: Whenever we are pleased with it. (soon)

03/08/2004 - Progress update - shaviro

RTC-3057 hub1 is currently undergoing beta testing. We are spending a lot of time making sure there are no major flaws, inconsistencies or other bugs. The level design is, and has been for some time, done. Some small details are being added/corrected/polished, but no major work is required on this aspect. The story aspect is also basically done and implemented. The wad has been constructed in such a way, so it allows for a slight dynamic method of storytelling. This means that if you don’t care about the story, you can pretty much ignore it completely, but if you find the story compelling and are interested in learning more you can immerse yourself into the story. Throughout the wad, you will find logbooks written by deceased or evacuated crew members. In addition to this, the player will (automatically) record log entries about his surroundings, his situation and more. It is not required that you read those logs either, but sometimes they can be helpful for “getting to the next area.”

The last phase of production is about to start. This phase is the audio aspect of the wad. I will sit down with Julian and discuss various areas, effects and emotions the player should receive while playing and he will then score the track. Expect everything from ambient to experimental music. Also, small sound details will be added to the hub, details such as ambient machinery and screams.

The player has been slowed down to about 50% of his normal speed. This issue arose some scepticism throughout the Team Future crew, but after testing the wad, the general opinion is that it heavily improves on the gameplay. RTC-3057 didn’t work too well with a 90mph player as you would keep missing out on important consoles and details. Also, some areas can become a little cramped if you are running that fast.

Release date: Whenever we are pleased with it.

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